Fantastic adventures await you in Norway

10 beautiful things to do under the midnight sun

Fantastic adventures await you in Norway

Fantastic adventures await you in Norway

10 beautiful things to do under the midnight sun

Locals often have coffee together or go fishing, even after midnight. And how would you like to spend all these extra hours that you suddenly find yourself having? Here are some tips on the best things to do under the midnight sun .

  • 1. Enjoy the beaches

    Summer and sun are often synonymous with the beach, and the same is true here in Northern Norway. Even swimming. But if white beaches and clear water are reminiscent of our Mediterranean, the water is… slightly colder. Ok let's face it, it's a lot colder. But definitely invigorating.

    When the sun paints the landscape with its golden hues, there is nothing better than  a relaxing evening on a beautiful beach . Many of these bays face west or north, making them the perfect position to admire the sun. The numerous excellent campsites offer you the opportunity to spend the night in the middle of nature. Buy local foods like cheese, fish and meats and enjoy a nice picnic. And why not accompany your food with a locally brewed beer?

    2. Cruising under the midnight sun

    Perhaps the best way is to see it from the sea. If you take a cruise along the beautiful Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten or Havila you will have a front row seat to admire the sun that never sets. You can also participate in guided tours and activities.

    Other tour operators offer  different types of  midnight sun cruises, for example on the magnificent Trollfjord, between Lofoten and Vesterålen, or around Tromsø .

    3. Midnight excursions

    With a beautifully bright night why not take a midnight hike? There are many  scenic trails in Northern Norway that become even more impressive under the midnight sun. If you prefer an easier way to get to the top, you can take the cable car to both Tromsø and Narvik . These are some of the best hikes under the midnight sun.

    4. Fishing trips and whale safaris

    The ocean never closes and  the fish bite both day and night . When you are at sea and enjoy the calm and the light, you can forget about everyday life. Boats and equipment can be hired almost anywhere, or you can join an organized fishing trip. Ask the locals for advice.

    Or maybe you prefer to observe the gigantic creatures that live beneath the surface of the sea? Go to Vesterålen and  join a whale safari departing from Andenes or Stø . It's a memorable experience any time of day - but seeing these majestic animals in the magical light of the midnight sun is simply exceptional.

    5. Kayaking in the archipelago

    Imagine paddling late at night and then pitching your tent on a sheltered beach - just you, the seagulls, the ocean, and the clear summer night. Maybe with someone you love. Many destinations in this part of the country are blessed with  beautiful archipelagos and long fjords , and you can usually rent kayaks, SUPs and rowing boats.

    But remember that the water is cold and that the sea can get rough even in summer. It is a good idea to bring a dry change, and  we also recommend that you join a guided tour . Local guides know where conditions are best and how to experience the sea safely.

    6. Cycling at sunset

    Take your bike and go island hopping, for example along the beautiful Helgeland coast . There are  many organized tour proposals , so all you have to do is come here and leave. And, since the sun is always shining, why not ride your bike in the evening or sometimes at night to avoid traffic?

    You can rent bicycles in many places. An electric bike can be the ideal solution if you don't feel like riding against the wind.

    Road cycling is popular in Salten, Lofoten , Vesterålen and Senja .

    Mountain bikers will have plenty of fun too! Nature here is vulnerable and you need to treat it with respect when cycling - but there are great areas for mountain biking in Narvik and the Lyngenfjord . In Finnmark you can cycle across the Finnmarksvidda plateau and stay overnight in mountain huts along the way.

    7. Unusual and particular hospitality

    When traveling to Northern Norway it is practically mandatory to spend one or more nights in a cozy fisherman's cottage, a lighthouse or a campsite by the sea. There is nothing better than the  view you will get from there of the ocean and the midnight sun .

    8. Do as the locals do

    The extra hours of light provided by the midnight sun make the festival season even more special . Discover the Riddu Riđđu international indigenous culture festival in Manndalen, the Arctic Sea Kayak Race in Vesterålen or the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad. During the Træna festival, on the island of the same name in Helgeland, you can also attend a concert inside a huge cave.

    9. Other things to do

    Mentioning everything you can do in Northern Norway is a challenge - there is so much! But some of these are  things you can't experience in many other places in the world .

    Go on a king crab safari near Kirkenes. He plays golf or rides a horse under the midnight sun. Pet the husky puppies. Trek through Norway from Narvik to the Swedish border (it's easier than it looks, but you can also do the same ride on the Ofotbanen railway ).