IPad drawing app

IPad drawing app - You have an iPad , a device with great potential in this regard, and would therefore like to start approaching it using the “bitten apple” tablet and ad hoc apps.

IPad drawing app

After being encouraged, on several occasions, by friends and relatives and after thinking about it for some time, you have decided to try your hand at the art of digital drawing. You have an iPad , a device with great potential in this regard, and would therefore like to start approaching it using the “bitten apple” tablet and ad hoc apps. Yeah… but what are the right applications to use? Well, if you want I can show them to you.

If you give me a few moments of your precious free time, I can in fact suggest you what are loudly considered the best apps for drawing iPad : you can find them all below. Some are free and others are paid, some are more suitable for freehand drawing and are also compatible with Apple Pencil, while others are specific for 3D drawing or other uses.

Then? May I know what are you still doing standing there? Position yourself comfortably, take your iPad and immediately start downloading the solutions that you think will do the most for you. I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to say that you are very happy and satisfied with the results obtained. What do you say, we bet?

IPad drawing app: Pencil

Let's start this review dedicated to the best apps for drawing iPad with those suitable to be used in conjunction with Apple Pencil , the digital pencil produced by the Cupertino company for its tablets: you can find them indicated below. Happy download!


The first solution I invite you to consider is Procreate . It is one of the best paid iPad drawing apps . It is in fact among the most powerful tools ever for drawing, painting and illustrating on the iPad. It is primarily intended for creative professionals, but it can also be interesting for those looking for apps for drawing iPad beginners . It also includes a fairly comprehensive toolkit, can be used with Apple Pencil and supports the use of ultra-high definition canvases. It costs 9.99 euros.

To download and install Procreate on your iPad, visit the relevant section of the App Store , press the button with the price and authorize the download via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password . Subsequently, press the Open button that appeared on the display or touch the relative icon that has been added to the home screen and / or to the iPadOS App Library.

Now that you see the main screen of the application, follow the short introductory tutorial that is proposed to you, then choose whether to create a new drawing on an empty sheet, to import it or to open a photo from the gallery by selecting the appropriate items located on the screen.

Then, start drawing using the tools available in the app: in the upper right part you will find the buttons to use the brush , the eraser and the tools to select colors , manage layers , define opacity and stroke thickness , while at the top left there are the buttons to manage the actions , the adjustments and for the selection . The drawing area, on the other hand, is the one you find in the center of the screen, on which you can intervene using your Apple Pencil or, if desired, even your fingers.

When you have finished your creation, you can decide to save the related project, in order to resume it at a later time, by selecting from the Procreate gallery, simply by closing the app or by tapping on the button with the arrow to the left at the top or, again, to import it in a specific format, by selecting the button with the wrench located at the top of the screen, going to the Share section of the menu that opens and indicating the format you prefer from the proposed list and the position or the app of your interest.

Adobe Fresco

Another great app for drawing iPad with Apple Pencil (and with your fingers) that I invite you to consider is Adobe Fresco . As easily understood by the name itself, it is a solution developed by Adobe, the software house of the famous Photoshop , specific for digital drawing. It includes many brushes to choose from to draw, design and model the creations made and its interface is quite intuitive. Basically it is free, but eventually it is possible to subscribe to the Premium version through in-app purchases (at a cost of 12.19 euros / month, after a 30-day trial) to unlock extra functions.

To use Adobe Fresco on your iPad, download and install the app from the relevant section of the App Store , then launch it and, once the main screen is displayed, log in with your Adobe ID (or, possibly, with the ' Apple , Google or Facebook account in your possession) or create one at the moment, by pressing the appropriate buttons and providing the requested information.

After completing the above steps, click on the Create new button located at the bottom left, in order to select the format of the worksheet (eg Custom format , Screen format , Square , A4 etc.).

To select a brush , press on one of those on the left, tap it again and select the one to use (eg Charcoal , Ink , Paint , etc.). You can then adjust its characteristics using the appropriate box attached to the chosen brush.

Instead, to delete a stroke, call up the Eraser tool and pass over the desired area, while to add writings, call up the T tool always placed on the toolbar on the left and to add geometric shapes press the triangle icon with the circle . As for the management of the levels, make use of the specific area dedicated to the latter, located on the right.

When finished, press the up arrow icon located at the top right and select the save or share option you prefer to use.


SketchBook is a solution that is fully part of the best free iPad Pro drawing apps and free iPad Air drawing apps and generally one of the most interesting applications for drawing drawings on the "bitten apple" tablets that support the use of Apple Pencil. It's meant for free drawing, whether it's quick conceptual sketches or fully finished artwork. It includes a variety of fast and powerful brushes and creative tools and is quite simple to use. Given its characteristics, it is also among the apps for drawing iPad children . It is totally free of charge.

To use SketchBook on your iPad, download and install the app from the relevant section of the App Store , then launch it and, once the main screen is displayed, also start drawing freely using the available tools. To be exact, on the left you will find the bar with brushes , pencils and erasers . Also, by selecting a given tool, you can adjust its characteristics. On the right, then, there is the menu for managing levels and colors .

At the top you will find the toolbar with buttons for managing changes , selection , symmetry , accessing the guides , inserting text , etc. If you want, you can also choose to draw in full screen, by tapping on the button with the rectangle located at the top, on the right. The entire drawing, on the other hand, must be developed on the sheet visible in the center of the screen.

When you have finished drawing, to save the project, so that you can possibly change it later, tap on the button with the bulleted list located at the top left and select the options Gallery and Save current sketch . If you prefer to import the drawing, after tapping on the button with the bulleted list , select the Share item and indicate the app or position of your interest.

Other iPad drawing apps: Pencil

None of the iPad drawing apps that I have already suggested previously has been able to satisfy you, or are you looking for alternative solutions ? Then test the further solutions that you find in the list below: I am sure that, in the end, you will finally be able to find some interesting applications.

  • Infinite Painter - app that allows you to freely try your hand at creating images and drawing. It offers over 80 brushes and numerous useful tools for this purpose. It's free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 3.99) to unlock extra tools and features.
  • Tayasui Sketches - application with an elegant and minimal user interface. It includes various tools, such as pencils, brushes, watercolors, tempera and oil pastels, and a variety of advanced features. Yes, download for free, but you can unlock extra features via in-app purchases (starting at € 1.99).
  • Concepts - excellent free iPad drawing app that allows you to make sketches that integrates numerous tools to structure drawings created on multiple levels. It is free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 1.99) to unlock the most advanced solutions.
  • Pixelmator - is one of the most popular graphics apps available for iPadOS (and iOS). It allows you not only to create drawings using the various brushes and countless tools offered, but also to edit and enhance images. It costs 4.99 euros.

  • uMake is undoubtedly one of the best apps for drawing iPad in 3D. It allows you to draw two-dimensionally and instantly rotate the sketch to see its three-dimensional rendering. It's free, but in that case it only acts as a viewer. To use the app to draw, you need to make in-app purchases (starting at € 16.99 / month, but you can try it free for 14 days).

    To use uMake on your iPad, download and install the app from the relevant section of the App Store , then start it and, once the main screen is displayed, tap the Start button , answer the short questionnaire that is asked to you (regarding your interests and your skills regarding 3D drawing) and choose the paid plan you intend to subscribe or activate the free trial lasting 14 days, then decide whether to create an account to back up your data and, tap on the New drawing button to start drawing.

    So start using the tools available on the screen to create your design in the workspace. To be precise, at the top of the display you will find the pen , precision and freestyle tools to trace your drawing. By tapping the button with the square and the transverse lines , you can also access the application menu through which you can insert ready-to-use three-dimensional objects , images and personal files , as well as manage the layers , the view of objects and settings .

    IPad drawing app: 3D

    If you are looking for apps to make 3D drawings on iPad, here are some solutions that might be right for you: put them to the test now, I'm sure they won't disappoint you.


  • On the left, then, there are the buttons to change the perspective , manage the symmetry and transform the drawing into 3D . At the bottom right, on the other hand, you will find the buttons for selecting , canceling or redoing the changes and the one for managing the orientation . Additional tools appear in a toolbar on the right side of the screen, depending on the selected functions.

    When you have finished your drawing, to save it, tap on the button with the square and the transversal lines located on the left, select the icon with the square and the upward arrow on the side of the menu that opens and choose a option between Save photo (to save the drawing as a photo), Export file (to export the project in the format you prefer) or Copy to other apps (to copy it to other applications installed on the iPad).

    SketchUp Viewer

  • SketchUp Viewer is the smartphone and tablet counterpart of SketchUp , a renowned PC program used to create three-dimensional models, widely used for the design of various objects and buildings. In its variant for iPadOS, however, it only allows you to view the various three-dimensional models created on the computer. However, I chose to tell you about it in this guide of mine, as it is a very famous solution for three-dimensional desktop drawing and therefore you may need it to manage the projects you create on PC. It's free, but in-app purchases are offered (at a cost of € 9.99) to unlock the AR view.

    To use SketchUp Viewer on your iPad, download and install the app from the relevant section of the App Store , then launch it and, once the main screen is displayed, follow the short introductory tutorial that is proposed to you and choose to create a Trimble account or to log in to the one you already have, by pressing the appropriate button visible on the display, then provide the requested data.

Once logged in, select the 3D model you want to view on the iPad and that you have previously created from your computer.

Then, to manage the display of the model, use the tools in the toolbar on the left (if you don't see it, tap on the screen). To be precise, the arrow button allows you to adjust the selection, the one with the clapperboard the animations, the one with the sheets the layers, the one with the camera the perspective and the one with the glasses the elements to be displayed. Then there are the AR buttons and the one with the arrows that are used, respectively, to use augmented reality and to change the type of display.

Other iPad drawing apps: 3D

In addition to the apps for drawing iPad in 3D that I have already reported to you in the previous lines, there are various alternative solutions used for the purpose that you can consider using. You ask me which ones? Simple: the ones you find listed below.

  • Shapr - application for CAD drawing thanks to which it is possible to create three-dimensional models quickly but extremely precisely. It is perfect for both industry experts and those who want to try their hand at 3D drawing for the first time. It's free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at $ 29.99) to unlock access to all features.
  • Morphi - application for 3D design and modeling, very powerful and at the same time easy to use, which allows you to create projects of various kinds. Basically it's free, but offers in-app purchases (with prices starting from 99 cents.) To unlock extra features.
  • GnaCAD - another 3D drawing app that includes several CAD-oriented features. It's free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 3.49) to add additional features.
  • Gravity Sketch - allows you to create beautiful 3D models in an easy and fun way. It integrates a set of simple but powerful tools that can be used without the slightest problem on anyone's part. It's free.

App to draw iPad: tattoos

Still on the subject of apps to draw iPad, I want to recommend solutions that you can turn to to create personalized tattoos directly from your tablet or that offer ready-made tattoos that you can try in preview or use as you like best. To find out which ones I believe are the best in the category, continue reading.

Tattoo Maker - Tattoo My Photo

Tattoo Maker - Tattoo My Photo is an easy-to-use application that allows you to apply one of the many tattoo models available on the various parts of the body portrayed in the selected photos and to create personalized tattoos starting from the predefined ones. It's free, but offers in-app purchases (for $ 4.99) to unlock more tattoos.

To use Tattoo Maker - Tattoo My Photo on your iPad, download and install the app from the relevant section of the App Store , then start it and, once the main screen is displayed, decide whether to take the photo with the body on you want to apply the tattoo from the photo gallery or if you want to take a photo at the moment or, again, if you want to use a model photo, by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Subsequently, adjust the selected photo as you see fit using the pinch-to-zoom and press on the Next item , then tap on the wording Tattoo list at the bottom, select the tattoo you want to apply from the proposed list and place it in the point of the photos you prefer. If you need to, you can also change the orientation of the tattoo by tapping on the Flip item which is always at the bottom.

When the changes are complete, tap on the Done item , on the Adjust item if you want to make any corrections to the image and on the Save one located at the top right to proceed with saving the photo with the applied tattoo in the iPad gallery.

Other iPad Drawing Apps: Tattoos

Didn't the app to draw tattoos on the iPad that I already tell you about completely satisfied you? Then try to take a look at the additional solutions that I have included in the following list. You will see that, in the end, you will be able to find a solution that will satisfy you.

  • Draw Tattoo - solution to learn how to draw tattoos using iPad. It offers an archive with more than 100 different tattoos to choose from and for each of which the various lines to be drawn are shown.
  • Tattoo Stencil - thanks to this application you can create tattoo stencils directly from the iPad screen, therefore in total mobility. It costs 99 cents.
  • HD photo tattoo - app thanks to which you can create custom tattoos starting from various predefined templates, which can be modified using the numerous special tools available. It also allows you to apply a preview of the tattoo on the skin, after selecting the photos to use. You download for free, but to take advantage of the features offered, you must subscribe to a paid subscription (at the basic cost of € 3.99 / week).
  • INKHUNTER - does not allow you to draw tattoos directly, but to detect those on paper or to choose from those in the gallery to see how they are once applied to the body using the AR and making the necessary changes with the integrated editor. It's free.