Learn Google Analytics free

Learn Google Analytics for free - Learning how to use Google Analytics can be challenging both due to the breadth of the tool and the periodic updates that the tool receives.

Learn Google Analytics free

Google Analytics is the main data analytics tool, the free tool that allows you to monitor and measure everything that happens on your site, especially your marketing and business objectives. It is a huge tool that does not fail to be expanded and revolutionized at fairly frequent intervals. Learning how to use Google Analytics can be challenging both due to the breadth of the tool and the periodic updates that the tool receives.

Direct use of the platform is certainly useful, but a Google Analytics course is undoubtedly recommended whether you are a beginner or an advanced user and want to stay updated on the latest implementations.

In this article we will see 4 free resources including courses, masterclasses and tutorials to learn how to use, install and configure Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Academy

This is the primary resource for learning Google Analytics online. Including video tutorials, multimedia tours to navigate between the different features of the application as well as final tests. The academy includes 4 training courses: Google Analytics for beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Introduction to Google Analytics 360 ° and Fundamental Concepts of Google Tag Manager.

Learn Google Analytics on Youtube

If you find the video tutorial tool handy when you follow online courses, the place where you need to be is obviously Youtube. There are two channels dedicated to data analytics that you should undoubtedly follow:

  • Google Analytics official channel. It has tons of well-organized videos in numerous thematic playlists.

Learn tag manager free

Matteo Zambon of Tag Manager Italia has prepared a free webinar focused on the next and forced transition from the old Google Analytics to the new Google Analytics 4 (or GA4). This webinar helps move from Google Universal Analytics (or GA3) but also Universal Analytics 360, to the new GA4 as the old system will stop collecting data starting July 2023.

Books on Google Analytics on Kindle Analytics

If you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited you can find the book in English called Google Analytics . It is a brief introduction to the subject and was released.

In addition to these resources, there are obviously many sites and blogs dedicated to data analysis where, however, it is not possible to make an organic path, but in which you will have to orient yourself independently between in-depth studies and specific guides.