The Best Modern Consoles for Hallways and Entryways

The Best Modern Consoles for hallways and entryways will be today’s topic. Designing hallways and entryways can sometimes be difficult....

The Best Modern Consoles for Hallways and Entryways

The Best Modern Consoles for hallways and entryways will be today’s topic. Designing hallways and entryways can sometimes be difficult. We tend to forget the entryway is the place our guests first see when entering our house and hallways are the ones they use to go from one room to another. These two have similarities: they are rooms with not a lot of use but crucial to the structure of the house. When designing them, you need to take into consideration the rest of the house decor at the same time you are creating a practical and efficient space. Do you know what is the perfect element to achieve these two factors? Modern, unique and functional consoles. Let’s discover them!

The Best Modern Consoles

The key-elements to hallways and entryways

blue entryway with round mirror and dark brown console   BB Cassius Essex Belize

Sometimes, all you need in a hallway design is a console table or a piece of distinctive furniture to maintain both function and efficiency without losing comfort and warmth. This room has the light of HORUS Irregular Big and the one-of-a-kind design of BELIZE Mirror. But the centre item is CASSIS Console. Structured in antique brushed brass and drawers and shelf in poplar wood veneer with palisander wood veneer, this wood console is the touch of Nature that every home decor needs.

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modern entryway design with square mirror and black and white console   BB ENTRYWAY 01

Entryways are the spaces where someone first sees your house, where you welcomed them and open the door to your personal world. As a result, entryways design must be valued, substantial, and meaningful. The faux-marble BASTEI Console sits next to the velvet-upholstered NUI Stool in this modern entryway in black and gold, creating a perfectly comfortable and elegant design.

hallway design with round red mirror and black and gold console   BB BRYCE BELIZE2

BELIZE Mirror sure is an outstanding item of furniture that elevates any hallway or entryway design. But in this entryway, the unique design of the BRYCE I Console catches the eye. Inspired by a giant natural amphitheatre caused by the erosion through the Paunsaugnt Plateau, this high gloss black lacquer and glossy gold leaf console add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room design.

hallway design with round black mirror and black and gold console   BB ENTRYWAY 03 bryce

This hallway design proves how BELIZE Mirror and BRYCE I Console can actually be the ideal choices for any modern design. This is a spacious hallway with the perfect space for you or your guests.

modern console table decor black and gold   bryce I console

banner our house new york brabbu   banner casa de nyc 1
nature-inspired entryway with golden square mirror and golden console   BB Entryway Koi AgraPhong

The KOI Console, inspired by the scales of the Koi Carp, and the META Rug by Rug’Society, with its design inspired by snakeskin, provide natural shapes to this nature-inspired hallway. The CAY Mirror is a lava flow homage, and the AGRA Display has a white marble construction.

nature-inspired entryway with round grey mirror and black and golden console   BB ENTRYWAY 02 cay saki

Because of its simplicity and harmony, this contemporary hallway in silver and gold is everyone’s dream. The silver structure of the SAYA Mirror is accented with gold embellishments, which contrasts with the gold brass constructions of the SAKI Pendant Lights. CAY Console adds the elegance and functionality this hallway needs.

modern entryway design with golden round mirror and console   BB Ardara cay

The ARDARA Console harmonises with the circular CAY Mirror not only in tones but also shapes in this gorgeous modern entryway in gold tones, with the PADAUNG Stool and KOTTA Rug by Rug’Society providing the finishing touches.

green and gold hallway design with round mirror and suspension light and golden console   BB Entryway Kumi ardara

ARDARA Console in a different perspective of a hallway design. The ARDARA Console with its golden structure complements the gold of the HULI Mirror in this green and gold hallway decor. The velvet-upholstered NUI Stool adds a touch of comfort and elegance.

modern golden console design   ardara console 1 HR

contemporary hallway design with big rectangular mirror and earth-inspired console   CL boma sideboard

This neutral entryway that emanates luxury is proof of how simple and clean lines can look ambitious and opulent at the same time exuding sophistication.

dark hallway deisgn woith round black belize mirror and wood console   CL Lungo 1

This opulent modern entryway with fine lines is a beautiful and well-organized project that will make your home feel more inviting. The unicity of the BELIZE Mirror above the LUNGO Console makes the ideal entryway design.

contemporary entryway design   BL Heritage sideboard 02

This contemporary entryway design has the beautiful Heritage Sideboard with hand-painted tiles that make it the centre stage in the most elegant rooms.

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