What to see in Canada

What to see in Canada - Canada, deriving from the term kanata, or community, village. Initially Canada was a possession of the French and, after a 7-year war, a part was under the dominion of Great Britain.

What to see in Canada

What to see in Canada - Canada, deriving from the term kanata, or community, village. Initially Canada was a possession of the French and, after a 7-year war, a part was under the dominion of Great Britain.

What to see in Canada

The second largest state in the world, according to archaeologists, seems to have already originated 40,000 years ago from the descendants of the current Canadian Indians and the Inuit people. Only in 1535 after the European settlement since the 1000s, does it take the name of Canada, deriving from the term kanata, or community, village. Initially Canada was a possession of the French and, after a 7-year war, a part was under the dominion of Great Britain. The two colonies merged in 1840 creating a single state made independent in 1931. To this day Canada is divided into an English-speaking and a French-speaking part of the population.

A country rich in nature, modernity and breathtaking scenery, with a very high quality of life; Canada is an unforgettable vacation that you will fall in love with.




What to see in Canada

The third most populous city in Canada, Vancouver overlooks the Pacific Ocean in the province of British Columbia.

A multi-ethnic city, with a very high quality of life, rich in cultural, naturalistic, sporting and worldly spaces.

Let's start with the largest dedicated space center, the HR Mac Millan Space Center . Here you can visit the observatory and the planetarium and take a trip to the whole universe.

If you love looking at the sky, among the most famous attractions of the city, in the heart of Vancouver, in Gastown there is the Space Needle , a skyscraper that, in addition to hosting offices and shops, offers a priceless view of the city thanks to the Lookout , another observatory. inside.

If you have children, and staying in the scientific environment, you can visit the Science Word , full of exhibits and exhibits. The beauty of this museum is also in the architecture of this building. Speaking of exhibitions, in the historic courthouse of the city, the Vancouver Art Gallery has been created , a museum where you can admire works by numerous West Coast artists and sculptures and paintings by Canadian artists from the 1920s.


What to see in Canada

In 1927 the famous Orpheum Theater was built , still today the largest and most luxurious theater in the whole Pacific coast which in addition to concerts also hosts the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to these attractions, you can decide to live a green experience in different parts of the city, starting from Stanley Park , the most visited park among the many present. Inaugurated in 1888, covered by a rainforest, surrounded by the most important Native American Totems, it is ideal for a walk, by bike or on horseback, along two lakes and a sea dam.

Inside you will find the Vancouver Aquarium , an aquarium with over 70,000 marine specimens from all over the world, the most important in all of North America.

A 15-minute drive, surrounded by nature, is the Grouse Mountain Resort , a mountain that houses a 360-degree sports center. Depending on the season, you can decide to take a trip by bike or on foot, ski or snowboard. And if you are looking for a bit of adrenaline we recommend the Capilano Suspension Bridge , a suspension bridge 70 meters above a canyon, 137 meters long. The adventure continues in the Treetops Adventure , a walk through the paths that are suspended in the trees.


For shopping lovers, the essential stop is Granville Island, the commercial part of the city. Here you will find typical shops, the public market and characteristic restaurants to taste and buy local products.



What to see in Canada

The Rocky Mountains are home to the grizzly bear, and are the wild heart of Canada. A unique "on the road" experience is the crossing of the Icefield Parkway , the most spectacular road in Canada, surrounded for hundreds of kilometers by coniferous forests. This road crosses postcard lakes such as the world-famous Lake Louis , Bow Lake and Peyto Lake , perhaps one of the most beautiful of all the Rocky Mountains. But the naturalistic experience is not complete without visiting the two most important parks in this area: Banff National Park and Jasper National Park.


What to see in Canada

Banff National Park is the oldest in the country, a World Heritage Site where we find Lake Louis. The park is surrounded by peaks that exceed 3000 meters. We recommend getting on the "Gondola" and enjoying the wonderful panorama; However, the gondola is not the means we know, but a cable car suspended at 700 meters high that will take you to the top up to the Sulfur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station , today an important historical site.


What to see in Canada

Jasper National Park is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies with an area of ​​over 10,000 square kilometers. A visit to the park is also worth it to take the adrenaline-pumping Glacier Skywalk , a suspension bridge over 200 meters high over the glaciers: a view to take your breath away.


What to see in Canada

On the way to the parks, the city of Calgary certainly deserves a stop .

Its most famous attraction, the Calgary Tower , home to the Olympic flame of the winter games, will offer you a breathtaking view over the whole city, thanks also to its all-glass floor. A museum of Canada's 19th century history and parks with magnificent views make Calgary a modern city on the surface, but don't be fooled because internally it will feel like traveling to the Old West. And it is in Calagry that the largest rodeo in the world takes place in the summer: the Calgary Stampede .



What to see in Canada

In the Manitoba region, arriving only by train or plane, you can reach the small town of Churchill. Here you can venture on an excursion with the famous and typical Tundra Buggy , in search of the polar bears, absolute masters of this area.

So cover yourself up and keep your eyes peeled, because here in addition to the bears you might see whales, belugas and the Northern Lights. Every period of the year offers exclusive moments for the charm of the landscapes and for its sightings.

What to see in Canada

In the province of Ontario, Toronto is one of the most important cities in Canada.

Not just for its proximity to Niagara Falls, but for all the attractions that surround it. The city overlooks the shores of Lake Ontario (an Iroquoian term, translated as "lake of brilliant waters") and offers waterfront walks, visits to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and the Tall Ship Kajama , a magnificent mini cruise aboard a wonderful sailing ship. The symbol of the city is the CN Tower , for many years the tallest tower in the world, 553 meters and can be visited up to the highest point of 447 meters, where there is the Skypod , the observation platform to see the whole city.

A little below 356 meters there are restaurants, gift shops and a cinema. And for the more adventurous there is the possibility of walking on the edge of the tower without any railing protected by a harness.

What to see in Canada

Among the important monuments that Toronto offers, we remember: the St James Cathedral , whose spire characterizes the Toronto skyline, with its 12 bells built for the bicentenary, the Bells of Old York ; the city hall, City Hall , a symbol of Toronto overlooking Nathan Philips Square , the most important square; Casa Loma , a beautiful Victorian building, restored to its original splendor where, in addition to events and exhibitions, you can stroll through the beautiful gardens and visit the coach house and the stable buildings.

If you are passionate about history, art and culture do not miss the Royal Ontario Museum , one of the major museums dedicated to natural history and the different cultures of the Earth, or the integration between man and nature. With its collection of 80,000 works, Toronto is also home to the most important art museum in all of North America, the Art Gallery of Ontario .

The Fort York Historic Site , which featured in the 1813 Battle of York, is one of Toronto's earliest urban settlements.


What to see in Canada

For sports enthusiasts, a stop at the Rogers Center , home of the Toronto baseball team, is not to be missed. It is also possible to book a guided tour of the building: the works inside have a total value of 5 million dollars. But hockey is also the protagonist of this city, so a recommended stop is at the Hockey Hall of Fame , where you will have the opportunity to challenge other fans of this sport.

And for shopping, do not worry, the Eaton Center will satisfy your every need with its 250 brands placed inside.



What to see in Canada

Before going into this wonderful natural phenomenon, if you have to leave or return from Toronto, the advice is to go through Niagara on the Lake .

A romantic village at the mouth of the falls, which you cannot fall in love with. Time here seems to have stopped in the 1800s. English buildings, perfectly manicured flower beds, horse-drawn carriages along the streets with characters dressed in period clothes and small souvenir shops and shops (where you can buy local products prepared on the spot). frame to this enchanted place.


What to see in Canada

And here we are at the famous waterfalls. Bordering Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls offers 2 sides, undoubtedly the best side to fully enjoy this phenomenon of nature is the Canadian side.

The Rainbow Gate is the gateway to the falls where you can start taking some photos. If you have time, before arriving at the Falls, you can make a stop at the Bird Kingdom , a place suitable for families and for Bird Watching enthusiasts: here you can observe more than 500 species of birds totally in the wild.

Also nearby is an indoor water park, the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark . The waterfalls offer the possibility of memorable shots (indelible memories for your travel stories) not so much for the height of 57 meters, but for the irrepressible power of the water and the majesty that springs up in all its beauty. You cannot miss a boat trip with Hornblower Niagara Cruises , to be fully involved in this experience. You will reach the falls themselves in total safety, so much so that you will not get wet a little, but don't worry, the boat leaves you with light raincoats.


What to see in Canada

The advice, if you go especially in winter, is to bring something more protective and a change to avoid being wet all day. Another "down to earth" experience is offered by the Journey Behind the Falls : you go down to explore the tunnels dug into the rock, with the disruptive noise of the waterfall, up to the Lower Observation Deck , the observatory to take pictures and get a little wet. If instead of going down, you prefer to go up, then the Niagara Skywheel is the ideal attraction.

Canada's tallest Ferris wheel directly overlooking the falls. If you want to climb even higher, here too there is a 158-meter tower, the Skylon Tower . With a panoramic lift in just 52 seconds you reach the top to take wonderful photos.

But not only that, inside it houses 2 catering areas, an art gallery and a 4d cinema. For another exceptional panorama combined with a good buffet at an acceptable price, relaxation and why not, a gamble or a night in a room in a dream setting, there is the Fallsview Casino Resort . But for sleeping, the Tower Hotel at Fallsview has no equal in terms of views.

What to see in Canada:

For the bravest try the WildPlay Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline . Although it is not an economic attraction, if time permits, it is an experience that is difficult to forget:

descend suspended from a cable at a speed of 70 km per hour along the edge of the gorge formed by the Niagara River. The Upside Down House Niagara Falls also deserves a shot , a very funny upside down house (not as interesting inside as outside).

For diehard nature lovers, here you can immerse yourself in the fairytale landscapes of the Oakes Garden Theater and Queen Victoria Park : Niagara Falls offers all-round attractions for any taste or need!

What to see in Canada

Capital of Canada since 1857, chosen at the behest of Queen Victoria of England, located a few hundred meters on the border with Quebec, it is the fourth most inhabited city in Canada and the closest to the United States.

In this city there are many things to see, starting from Parliament Hill , the Parliament Hill, the heart of the city downtown. The building entirely in Gothic style, built in 1865 is certainly one of the main attractions. Next to it stands the Peace Tower as the tallest building in all of Ottawa . Descend towards the Rideau Chanel , a canal that has become a UNESCO heritage site due to its uniqueness in freezing in winter and becoming the largest skating rink in the world, 8 km long.


What to see in Canada

Ottawa offers numerous museums for the most demanding tourists.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization , located across the bridge in the province of Quebec, tells the entire Canadian history from the earliest colonizations. Modern and contemporary art is talked about at the National Galley of Canada , while for lovers of science and technology, there is the Canada Science and Thecnology Museum . For botany enthusiasts, the Canadian Museum of Nature is recommended .

Absolutely not to be missed is the Notre Dame Cathedral , built in 1860 with the dictates of the Gothic without giving up a bit of Baroque. Simple on the outside but absolutely gorgeous on the inside.

For walking in the greenery, the Nepean Park , with over 1 hectare of land, is a "must" for nature lovers and from here you can admire the entire city, as well as from Major's Hill Park . And for lovers of leisure, a must stop is at the Bymard Market , an explosion of colors and flavors with its 260 stands, where it is possible to taste local products.

What to see in Canada

French-speaking city overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, in the province of Quebec, is the second most populous in Canada. Immensely green, its best season is autumn when the maple trees, the symbol of the city, are ablaze with color. But it is also the city defined as "double" for the underground part and for the open part.

The Réso is the underground part; given the very low temperatures during the winter it was decided to build a real city that lives underground, with all the comforts, from shops to restaurants to hotels. 32 km long of passages for 12 square kilometers.

In the summer, life is in the old town, in the central Jacques-Cartier square and along Saint - Paul Street , an entirely pedestrian area. If you want to savor the multi-cultural mix where it is common to use both French and English, the St-Laurent Boulevard neighborhood known as “The Main” is ideal.

What to see in Canada

A visit is a must to the Notre-Dame Basilica , in neo-Gothic style, with a magnificent blue ceiling adorned with stars, where at 18.00 you can watch a truly sensational light show. In the entertainment district, at Places de Festivals, is the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal , the museum of contemporary art, which if you have a little time, is worth visiting.

On the San Lorenzo river, in a pedestrian area for 2.5 km, you can walk in the Vieux-Port de Montréal (the old port), where, in addition to relaxing and enjoying a suggestive view, there are several refreshment points and attractions including the Ferris wheel and the City Science Center. The neighborhoods in general are all worth a visit, from China-Town to Little Italy , to the hectic Latin Quarter and the LGBTQ Village district .


What to see in Canada

On the island of Sant'Elena, immersed in the San Lorenzo river, is the Jean Drapeu Park , which in addition to being an escape in the green away from the noise, hosts the real attraction of the island:

the Biosphere . The Biosphere was used for the Universal Exposition in 1967, it was built to raise awareness of the theme of the environment, building a museum dedicated to this inside. Back in the city, another absolutely gorgeous park, designed by the Central Park co-proponent, is Park du Mont Royal .

With its 200 hectares it is the green lung of the city, home to many winter and summer sports activities. And always surrounded by greenery, north of the city, are the Botanical Gardens , the third largest in the world, with 22,000 species of plants, 10 exhibition greenhouses and 20 thematic gardens with works created by nature itself, presenting sculptures to leave you in the mouth open. Here too it is possible to taste numerous typical products, perhaps making a stop at the Jean-Talon Market .

An hour's drive from Montréal, one cannot fail to pass through the Sucrérie du Quebec , where the Cabanes a Sucre are located , the sugar huts, where you can experience the entire production cycle of real maple syrup: from processing tasting - A triumph of goodness!



What to see in Canada

This small and very romantic city is the oldest on this continent. One almost has the idea of ​​not being in North America anymore, but of having been catapulted to France, thanks to its architectural setting. A maze of streets, lanes and stairs that divide the upper town from the old one which is hard not to fall in love with.

Impossible not to stop in front of the Hotel Frontenac , the most photographed in the world, resembling a fairytale castle. For a postcard photo, the ideal place is by boat along the banks of San Lorenzo. With the funicular you can visit the Terrasse Dufferin and take a tour of the elite boutiques in the hotel lobby or sip a cocktail with a view.

Between small cobbled streets and period buildings, the central street to go is Rue Petit Champlein , with boutiques, shops and restaurants made in Quebec.  Place Royal with its views is where the first urban settlement began. In Rue du Trésor , the artists exhibit their works or offer to perform portraits in pure French style for tourists, as in a small Montmaitre. If your trip is between June and September at the Cittadelle you can also admire the changing of the guard. Although small, Quebec city is a truly lovely stopover.



If you really want to visit all of Canada, you cannot miss this visit along the steep Atlantic coasts of New Brunswick, where the spectacle of the highest tides in the world takes place. Twice a day the bay is submerged up to 16 meters by the waves creating a scenario that is surreal to say the least. In Tadoussac, riding a rubber dinghy, you can closely admire the gigantic whales that come here to winter in the summer.




If the idea is to do a complete tour, the time needed is over two weeks. Also because the best way to stop in some areas outside the cities is to rent a car. The train is rarely used, otherwise internal flights take you to big cities.


Summer is usually sunny and hot with peaks of up to 30 degrees depending on the area. Winter, on the contrary, very cold, in some parts below -20 degrees. The season, however, undoubtedly the most interesting to visit Canada, is autumn for the uniqueness of the colors, the peirodo defined as Foliage.


Obviously it depends on which area you are in Canada, but among the most popular dishes, Poutine certainly stands out, which is nothing more than French fries with a smoked sauce based on meat and diced local cheese. A dish that can be served as a main or side dish is Canadian Bacon, present in breakfasts, as well as sandwiches, Canadian salmon and bagels. Among the most popular desserts, the Beaver Tails stands out, translated into "beaver tail" because of its shape, a taste very similar to the American Donut but with a different shape: they are just a taste of the many dishes that can be found. Obviously all accompanied by the inevitable maple syrup.