How to unlock Naruto on Fortnite

How to unlock Naruto on Fortnite - Now that you are aware of the general context in which Epic Games has decided to bring the Naruto skin to Fortnite, I think it's time to take action and show you how you can actually get the costume of the well-known blonde ninja.

How to unlock Naruto on Fortnite

You have always been a fan of anime and manga and you particularly appreciate the narrative universe linked to Naruto . So, when you heard that in Fortnite , one of your favorite video games, some characters from the series created by Masashi Kishimoto arrived, you immediately activated to understand how to get them.

Your research has led you to my site and now you would like to know if I can help you and explain how to unlock Naruto in Fortnite , right? Well, then let me immediately tell you that they didn't lie to you: Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura and of course Naruto have really landed within the Epic Games title, in the form of skins.

To know how to unlock them, read on: below you can find all the quick indications of the case to reach your goal. I assure you it is less difficult than you think. Having said that, I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to unlock Naruto on Fortnite (quiet, there will be a way to deepen the other skins related to the well-known manga and anime in the course of the guide), I think it may interest you to learn more about the context in which it is it all happened.

Well, Naruto certainly does not need too many presentations: in fact, in addition to the enormous success of anime and manga, the narrative universe linked to the blond ninja who wears orange (the fans will forgive me for this description) has also been transposed into other media, including video games .

On the other hand, the Ultimate Ninja saga , which has existed in Europe since the PlayStation 2 era, is in the hearts of many fans, thanks also to the "skilled hands" of the software house CyberConnect2 (how not to mention the publisher Bandai Namco ). To be clear, the most recent chapter of the series, all in all well received by critics, dates back to 2016 and is called Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 , which has been the subject of a troubled development and has been defined as the final chapter of the series .

However, the narrative universe of Naruto is still very active in terms of anime and manga and Epic Games has decided to please all fans of the series by introducing, within Fortnite, the skins of Team 7 , consisting of Naruto , Sasuke and Sakura , as well as of course the master Kakashi .

The arrival of Team 7 on Fortnite took place in the context of Season 8 of Chapter 2 of the Epic Games title, or in the period from September 2021 to December 5 2021 . This Season has already hosted several other important skins related to the videogame world , from those of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine of Resident Evil to that of Jinx of League of Legends .

In short, the Naruto universe is well contextualized in Fortnite from almost all points of view, considering even if it is a very interesting period for Epic Games, given that the latter is managing to bring many universes into the game. well-known narratives.

It is therefore an interesting period to start playing Fortnite if you have never deepened it but are "intrigued" by the arrival of the characters of Naruto. I therefore understand why you want to get the latter and I am going to explain how to do it.

Before doing so, however, I want to clarify that generally these skins remain available only for a limited period of time within the Epic Games title. For this reason, I invite you to consult this guide in the right amount of time , or in a few weeks of Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, as otherwise you may not succeed in your intent.

How to unlock Naruto on Fortnite

Now that you are aware of the general context in which Epic Games has decided to bring the Naruto skin to Fortnite, I think it's time to take action and show you how you can actually get the costume of the well-known blonde ninja.

Well, the software house behind Fortnite has decided to insert the costumes related to Team 7 within the game store . As you well know, if you have even just explored the "ecosystem" of the popular video game a little, it is therefore necessary to go through the so -called V-Buck , or the virtual currency related to Fortnite.

There are essentially 2 methods to obtain this type of "coins": the first is to take advantage of the free Battle Pass , a feature that awards a few stars every time you level up within the current Season . The stars can in fact be used to unlock some rewards , which in certain cases also include V-Buck .

However, it must be said that this method often allows you to obtain only a limited number of "coins" and therefore you may not be able to accumulate the right number of V-Bucks in the time needed to get the skins related to Naruto (it counts that, starting from 0 coins, several Seasons may also be required to accumulate a good "loot"). In any case, if you are interested in these questions, you can deepen my tutorial on how to get V-Buck for free on Fortnite .

The method that is most useful for obtaining Naruto's costume "from scratch" is however that linked to micro-transactions , therefore to the purchase of V-Buck packages with real money . To be clear, the possibilities offered are generally: 7.99 euros for 1,000 V-Buck , 19.99 euros for 2,800 V-Buck , 31.99 euros for 5,000 V-Buck and 79.99 euros for 13,500 V-Buck .

The procedure for buying V-Buck packages is very simple, although it varies according to the platform from which you usually play Fortnite: in other words, just set a valid payment method and complete the transaction . In this context, it may interest you to consult, for example, my tutorials on how to pay on PlayStation Store and how to get V-Buck on Fortnite .

For the rest, Fortnite offers the Naruto Uzumaki skin in single mode at 1,500 V-Buck (the decorative Roll back is also included), while the Kurama hang glider (who said nine-tailed fox?) And the loading screen Work of Shinobi team are offered in coupled with 1,200 V-Buck .

Other elements that are part of the Naruto set and sold individually are the Lure Technique emote (300 V-Buck), the Pausa Ramen emote (300 V-Buck), the Kunai collection tool (500 V-Buck), the Hidan Scythe collection tool (800 V-Buck) and the Special Departments Spada collection tool (500 V-Buck).

However, the proposals that may interest you the most are the Naruto & Kakashi Bundle (proposed at 2,100 V-Buck instead of 3,000 V-Buck) and the Shinobi Equipment bundle (1,500 V-Buck instead of 2,400 V-Buck). The first includes the Naruto Uzumaki skin , the Roll decorative back , the Kakashi Hatake costume , the Pakkun decorative back and the Art Ninja pizza-eating loading screen .

The second bundle, on the other hand, or Shinobi Equipment , offers the Technique of recall emote, the Pausa Ramen emote , the Kunai collection tool, the Hidan Scythe collection tool and the Special Departments Sword collection tool .

In short, the elements related to Naruto are certainly not lacking: you just need to use the right number of V-Buck to get what you like best.

If you are interested in getting the costume of the master Kakashi on Fortnite, I have good news for you: the latter character has also landed within the title of Epic Games in the context of Season 8 of Chapter 2.

I have already explained in the previous chapter the issue of the Naruto & Kakashi bundle , proposed at 2,100 V-Buck and obviously also containing the skin of this character. However, it should be noted that it is possible to obtain the costume individually .

In fact, the Kakashi Hatake skin , which also includes the Pakkun decorative back , is offered at 1,500 V-Buck inside the Fortnite Store . In short, you might want to take a look at this possibility as well.