Social media marketing

Social media marketing - Social media marketing is based on a strategy aimed at using various tools available to increase the customer base - the interactions and the turnover of a company.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing, what is it?

Social media marketing is based on a strategy aimed at using various tools available to increase the customer base - the interactions and the turnover of a company.

Social networks (example) are born to communicate, until companies have understood that they can interact with potential customers by inviting them to purchase.

Everything happens directly from the smartphone and today there are many people who surf the net, not just for fun. Furthermore, with the spread of the Covid pandemic there has been a strong increase in online sales through e-commerce: social networks have greatly helped this invaluable growth.

Let's clarify and see together how to use social media in marketing .

How are social media used in marketing?

Online communication is an indispensable tool for companies, managing to interact with more and more users all over the world. These aspects can be grouped into three specific groups:

  • Social Networks , ideal for allowing users to create relationships, communicate, exchange information and keep everything online;
  • Forum and Community , optimal for allowing the exchange of ideas and advice between users from all over the world on a given topic;
  • Influencers , essential to intrigue users and lead them to purchase a service / product of a company. Surfers who rely on an influencer buy, because they trust his judgment and his product test.

Social media marketing is one of the tools available to companies that want to establish relationships, exchange information, get feedback and even new ideas for future products. The user becomes part of the company and also feels included in the various manufacturing processes. The brand image becomes positive, full of information with a choice of high-profile products / services.

Users will interact, test, comment, share and review. The company will have to plan the work using an intelligent strategy, consistent with the brand and that makes the user feel "pampered".

Before each purchase, the navigator reads the reviews and comments of other users. The social network has become the reliable partner, which advises and indicates which company is best suited to meet your needs.

Immediately after purchasing, you leave a review creating new interactions that are interesting and that can build the success of the company.

Actions to exploit the potential of social media

There are many actions that can be taken into consideration to increase the potential of social networks:

  • Advertising campaigns - AD - reach the target audience and adopt strategies designed to increase sales and build customer loyalty. The brand asserts itself by overcoming its competitors thanks to the power of the main social networks;
  • The continuous interaction between company and users increases the success of the brand, using only industry experts who know how to create and manage a perfect marketing strategy;
  • Develop people's attention through content and posts that are published on blogs and social networks, inviting sharing and interaction. The primary objective is to attract attention, stimulate and undertake a series of concrete actions;
  • Manage the community directly to create a specific interaction on a product or service. Managing social media also means maintaining and developing relationships with users that last over time;
  • Provide adequate, consistent and professional customer service that can answer all user questions. Social Networks can help in this too, by creating relationships with other people who are already loyal as customers.

How to manage social media for companies

good marketing strategy of social networks also includes the management of the same. It is not enough to create a page or a profile, but it is all the work that is done after that that is important. Usually, we use qualified Social Managers who guarantee:

  • An accurate analysis of the target audience, trying to understand preferences as well as language up to personal needs;
  • The definition of all the objectives to be achieved thanks to the Social Media Strategy;
  • Plan the plan and evaluate which social networks to use to achieve the primary purpose of the company;
  • Design the editorial plan;
  • Plan the CEOs;
  • Manage the relationship with users and with the reference sectors;
  • Update marketing objectives and strategies (which may not always be the same over time).

Social Marketing, what are the most used social platforms?

Here are the most used social platforms for companies and to develop the above strategies:

  • Facebook with 2.44 billion monthly users and a target aged 18 to 55+. The reference industries are banking, e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment and fashion. A reality to be taken into consideration to express oneself and to develop posts of sure interest. You can give the user continuous support via message and develop successful ADs;
  • Twitter with 340 average monthly users and a target similar to that of Facebook. It is a different, fast and fast platform used above all for Customer Care or to get feedback from other users;
  • Instagram with 1 billion monthly users growing. The target is also changing, involving more and more people aged 18 to 55. This is certainly the platform most used by companies that rely on the various Influencers. Traditional posts, pages, sponsored and stories make the difference, reaching more and more people around the world in no time. Experts consider it the future for successful e-commerce and for companies that want to achieve immediate results;
  • Linkedin with 303 million active users per month and a target aged 25 to 50. Having a profile on this platform is recommended for all B2Bs, considering the high growth opportunity for the brand. It is not yet fully exploited, but experts point out that in the near future it could take the place of Facebook (professionally).

It is therefore obvious that communication strategies and knowledge of the target can make the difference.

Social Media Marketing places companies in front of a future to consider, made up of online interactions and success through social media.