SEO voice searches

SEO voice searches - From voice commands, to operating systems, you get to applications that invite you to perform different types of actions without typing anything with your fingers . 

SEO voice searches

Using one's voice as a biometric parameter is not only faster and more accurate, but has been studied in recent years. Obviously, thanks to the various technological supports available, the voice is used in many occasions of research and sharing.

From voice commands, to operating systems, you get to applications that invite you to perform different types of actions without typing anything with your fingers . Is comfort addictive? Surely, in fact, not having to write but talking helps to make searches immediate and simple!

Added to all this is an increase in security and an intuitive management of devices through the voice. But how does it work and why is it going to be even more successful in the future?

What are the basics of speech recognition?

How many times has there been talk of Google's Voice Search function ? Many, even if not all have a clear vision of what its potential is or not. Machine learning is based on two fundamental techniques:

  • training phase , when the system learns to choose the various implementation options thanks to the data available;
  • testing phase , when the device makes a decision based on unknown information and / or data.

In this specific case, everything comes from an audio file , with a first part of the training that generates a model that is almost completely faithful to the vocal characteristics. In the second phase, testing, the data of the audio file are compared all the models available until the correct one is obtained.

The final decision is made during the final stage of the training, looking for the model with the highest recognition score . This concept is optimal for understanding how a seemingly trivial thing is actually achieved following a series of calculations - scientific elaborations and learning phases before reaching the final goal.

If the concept is based on online visibility , you only have available data and natural language interpretation.

The history of speech recognition

Although speech recognition seems to be a novelty in recent years, in reality the techniques have been available since 2006 . At that time, an innovative method was tested to understand the voice query and interpret it.

Thanks to the first tests it was possible to ascertain how difficult it was to interpret phonics and timbre, identifying the sound received. The language is not natural and the accents are different, which is why the work behind understanding speech recognition is highly complex.

But today, with the technologies and tools available, how can voice search be exploited in Seo terms ?

Identification of conversational voice searches

Today's world is technological, it runs fast and everyone is connected with various devices available . According to a study, 70% of searches that are done via voice assistant are not expressed by keyword but in natural language.

The user knows how to manage a search, exactly as if he were to type and not speak, so as to harmonize it more and more . Searches today are interactive and users could change the way they "find" information.

The results that the various voice assistants produce are optimal for user support, so as to make the experience positive. The American giant Google (and with it other companies) has decided to market products that could have a display for viewing audio and video content.

Is it possible to intercept and satisfy the needs of users?

The vocal tool must be exploited in an intelligent way, trying to respond to all the needs of the users. It is essential to understand the target audience, expectations and search criteria.

With the various technological tools available it is possible, today more than ever, to understand the interests of users and verify what their real needs are by understanding the long-tailed queries to be intercepted.

But that's not all, in the narrow search it is important to understand how users can reach the company and all related keywords. An example: if the reference company is a beautician in Cagliari, what words will a potential customer use to find him by voice ?

The user could carry out his search in a simple way with "Salerno restaurant" or "the best restaurant in Salerno" , up to "fixed price menu in Salerno in a restaurant in the center".

The concept of a keyword is an understatement and it is good to try to understand the real need of a user, anticipating it in order to be able to give the answers he is looking for.

So how can a corporate website provide all this information and be easily found by users? Turning to professionals in the sector is the correct step, so that you can use the innovative tools available and take steps towards success.

In this specific case, in fact, the concept of query must be developed trying to embrace the requests of potential customers (and make sure that the company is found in an instant).

Among the tools available for these early stages are:

  • AlsoAsked which helps to understand what people are looking for using FAQs and texts, so that potential customers can reach the company in the sector of interest;
  • SEMrush  Keyword Magic tool question filter
  • The criteria used by Google Assistant , which knows how to translate the user's request and give what it needs after a few seconds.

An advice? The actions generated by Google are of great interest, but only if the structured data is exploited to the fullest. The strategies should be integrated with the speakable tag so as to help the American giant to read the interesting parts of the text, those that help immediate search.

Among all the activities that can be exploited, also expand a Voice strategy together with Google My Business and You Tube considering your own sector of interest available.

Summarizing how to enhance the user's voice search, the company will have to:

  • Optimize content from an SEO point of view, also thinking about a voice search on the web;
  • Structure all pages in an organized and voice search-proof manner;
  • Take advantage of the tool
  • Take advantage of all videos and Podcasts when needed;
  • Integrate the Google Action tool;
  • Always intercept the real need of the end user (surpassing competitors).