Best crypto

The world of digital currencies (best crypto) is really deep, full of possibilities but also difficult to understand and manage without the necessary preliminary information

Best crypto

I imagine that you too, like more and more people, have begun to enter the crypto market and you have come here today in search of the best ones to invest in.

The world of digital currencies is really deep, full of possibilities but also difficult to understand and manage without the necessary preliminary information. For this reason I have decided to turn on a light in this long tunnel and guide you towards what, for the moment, seem to be the best cryptocurrencies to consider.

Before starting, however, I would like to tell you that this is a market that is still very immature, subject to frequent "shocks" and with gains - but above all losses - that can reach staggering figures in a very short time. So, get informed and think about it not once, but ten, a hundred times before actively investing your money in this world (this applies to all cryptocurrencies, including those that currently seem to be more "reliable" than others). Finally, I want to clarify that none of the following have the ambition to be financial advice , so consider this tutorial as purely informal: an "informal chat" to understand a little about which crypto to keep an eye on.

Best crypto to invest in

Investing in crypto means putting your money on a project - in this case a specific crypto - because you believe in its potential. When you go to pledge a part of the capital, therefore, you must have the intention of leaving it stationary for a medium / long period.

Starting to buy and sell every day, making long lists of movements and looking for the speculative rise would, on the contrary, transform your operations into that of a trader , which is completely different in terms of risk and complexity.

The situation is still different if you want to exchange fiat, therefore traditional currency such as euro or dollar, in crypto: in that case you should contact an exchange, then an exchange service: however, I will talk about this later .

For now I want to talk to you about some of the most important cryptocurrencies of the moment and how to invest in their value over the medium to long term. I will discuss those that boast the greatest investments and a history consolidated over the years. They would also be the best crypto to mine , but at the moment this activity has become rather expensive and not very profitable if you do not have dedicated hardware and low energy costs available (I told you about it in more detail in another tutorial ).


In the crypto field, bitcoin is certainly the most famous and widespread currency of all. It was born in 2008 from a character - or much more likely from a collective - who over the years has managed to keep his name shrouded in anonymity, known today under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto . How did a coin created by unknown people get so popular? Simple, it launched an absolutely revolutionary technology both financially and technologically in a historical moment in which the need for a strong change was felt.

I am clearly referring to the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network (with a capital initial, unlike cryptocurrency) based on  blockchain technology , that is, the "ledger" shared among all users of the Bitcoin network, in which all transactions carried out are recorded. But this you probably already know if you are passionate about the crypto world.

The economic crisis of sub-prime mortgages, the bankruptcy of some banks and many people reduced to ruin by some nefarious financial policies, have helped to turn the spotlight on bitcoin and bring this currency into the limelight in no time.

Its value over the years has gone from a figure very close to zero to over $ 60,000 at the time of writing, in a steady growth that has made the fortunes of many of its early investors. Iconic is the story of a boy who, in 2010, paid for 2 large pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoins , squandering what today would have been worth around 600 million dollars.

Since then, as they say, a lot of water has passed under the bridges, with a climb towards success that has not always been rosy and linear. Like any stock or asset in the world, large rises are then offset by seemingly endless periods of decline , with bear markets lasting months if not years.

This, at least for medium / long-term investors, however, should not be a reason to be discouraged and abandon the project. Each bullish cycle has always led Bitcoin to reach new heights, much higher than the previous ones that have rewarded long-time holders. Buy and forget for a few years, then go back and take a look at your possessions and, in all likelihood, you will be satisfied

Nowadays, this is by far the most important crypto in the whole market and certainly also one of the best to rely on in perspective . Every day new news is published of multinationals, banks and even entire states that decide to allocate a part of their capital to buy bitcoin in anticipation of what, it is thought, will be the currency of the future. If you want to know more about the functioning and the basics of this cryptocurrency, I leave you my article in which I explain it in detail .


Ethereum is at the number two position in terms of relevance, invested capital and potential expressed up to now. It is based on a blockchain with fundamentals similar to that of bitcoin, but with much greater flexibility and agility.

Its strength lies in the fact that, having greater margins for action, most of the most interesting projects that are born in the cryptocurrency landscape are developed on it , attracting an infinite series of looks and investors who compete to participate. to this ecosystem.

Very often we hear about other blockchains ready to steal the scene from Ethereum, offering greater speed and versatility that over time will reward the competition. This possibility could actually occur in the not too near future but, at the moment, the years of proven reliability of Ethereum (born in 2013) as well as a series of top-level partnerships, guarantee it an advantage that is difficult to fill .

The constant growth of its ecosystem has meant that today it is populated by an infinite series of leading projects, which are still absent from the competition. Even in the near future, it is difficult to think that an innovative idea in the blockchain landscape, and cryptocurrencies in general, will land first on other platforms rather than on Ethereum. If you want to know more about Eth, you can find everything you are looking for on the official project page .

Over time, this crypto has also been able to give its investors dizzying returns, becoming with merit one of the best options on which to invest in the entire panorama of digital currencies.

Before throwing yourself on a crypto other than bitcoin, however, it is good that you know how much correlation exists between the market leaders and all the remaining currencies . If BTC rises or maintains its constant value, the most likely scenario is that the others move independently following their natural course. However, when the coin created by Satoshi has sharp drops, the whole market follows it with even greater movements .

On May 19, 2021, China announced that it wanted to ban (for the umpteenth time) cryptocurrencies from its national territory, causing a big shake up of the market. In this scenario , BTC has suffered a lot, losing about 14% of its total value but, if we compare it with the -27% of Ethereum , we understand the very close and proportional correlation between the two. This factor tends to increase as you move towards less important coins, so keep this in mind when choosing which horse to bet on. More Ethereum info .

Best emerging crypto

Although the whole crypto landscape is very volatile and offers significant revenues, the best ones usually have lower percentage increases than emerging ones . If, for example, bitcoin has tripled its value in the last 365 days, the Binance currency (Bnb) has multiplied the investments of all those who have decided to believe in this project by 22 times.

This is not to say that you have to throw yourself with all your capital on coins of dubious nature hoping for a lucky and unlikely blow: this is not investing, but betting your money heads or tails. The best strategy is to look for solid projects that have not yet expressed their full potential, waiting for the world to realize their great value.

Here too I intend to point out some cryptocurrencies that can aspire to a rosy future, but I want to clarify that these are not and do not want to be financial advice .


FTT is the cryptocurrency of one of the most famous exchanges in the world, which has seen a really important growth in recent months both in terms of price and in terms of the platform to which it refers. Although still far from reaching a top position, the increasingly widespread use and the consensus that FTX (the exchange) has been able to collect, have made it clear what the hidden potential is in this project.

To this must be added the great marketing campaign that is carried out every day, with the logo that has recently appeared on the F1 Mercedes . In addition to this, it has also entered into an important partnership with the Miami Heat , one of the most important teams in the panorama of the NBA , the top American basketball league. Their stadium was renamed, eventually being called FTX Arena and bringing the brand of this platform to the lips of millions of fans.

The founder and current CEO is Sam Bankman-Fried , a 29-year-old boy who has recently become the richest person in the entire cryptocurrency landscape , as well as one of the wealthiest under 30s in history.

Of course, money is not everything but, if you look at what he managed to achieve in such a short time ( FTX was launched in 2019 ), it is really difficult not to believe in this project.

Even this currency has been subject to very strong fluctuations over time starting from a few dollars and spiking up to over 60, only to fall to 20 and rise above 90. In short, like any digital currency, FTT is also for "strong hearts" that they are not easily impressed by the "roller coaster" but, in the end, the reward for those who trust them can be quite full-bodied.

If FTX continues to work as well as it has done so far, its crypto could continue to give its holders various satisfactions.


Kadena is a blockchain that is moving well and is making a lot of talk about itself, also thanks to a price that skyrocketed in the second half of 2021. Just like one of the many chains that aim to dethrone Ethereum, this one is all about faster speed, low transaction costs, and better overall optimization.

So far there wouldn't be much to talk about: about half of the alternative blockchains rely on these fundamentals to climb the rankings and aspire to the top step of the podium, but this one has a very different peculiarity compared to the others.

The founders of Kadena ( here the official website ) are Stuart Popejoy , who worked for JP Morgan , and Will Martino , a long time enlisted among the top officials of the SEC , the body that regulates the stock market and crypto in the USA. the project was carried out thanks to funding and approvals from these bodies, as well as from very important companies in the international tech scene.

The fact that one of the major American banks is involved as well as the body that regulates cryptocurrencies puts the whole project on a downward path that all the others have not had. The SEC, in fact, often opens investigations or initiates lawsuits with exchanges or other industry representatives such as Ripple, even if so far it has never really created upheavals in the sector with its actions.

Banks, for their part, have always rowed against digital currencies, branding them as mere gambling and sometimes preventing customers from making deposits and transfers to platforms such as FTX. Having a giant like JP Morgan that subsidizes and promotes the project makes Kadena a great prospect for the future.

Launched just a few months ago, the price of this cryptocurrency first saw a decline due to the bear market of the summer of 2021, then it grew practically non-stop going from a few cents to $ 25 at the time of writing, generating disproportionate revenues for everyone. the holders of its crypto.

Other cryptocurrencies to invest in

By going through all the projects carefully, reading their intentions and programs, it is difficult to resist the temptation to invest a little in each of them. But here we only hunt for the best cryptocurrencies , so it is legitimate to focus only on those that stand out from the group.

One of these is certainly Terra (coin Luna) which, with its program of creating decentralized stablecoins , seems to have secured one of the most interesting market shares. In case you don't know it, stablecoins are the equivalent of digital dollars and euros, which are indispensable for trading and allowing simple exchanges to those who work in the sector. Once you understand the importance of these currencies, it is easy to understand how much Earth is destined to become an important piece in the sector.